Is the SEC Too Good For Its Own Good?

What is the best conference in college football? This is a topic that has not really need to be answered in 2008, and, frankly, for years. The sec has a dominating force in the game of college football. Sec fans have mixed feelings about it. On the casino france other hand:

or sec fans may have about how the sec football is good, the tradition of the sec, football and so on boasting.

Or there is always a chance you’ll see an sec team for another bcs conference successfully in major bowl game. Or surviving an sec football season as a badge of honor and respect, with so many good teams.

However, for all there is always a down, and including:

or football teams with so many greats of the sec, which may fall to one other all the bcs championship contention. Or the sec teams get not weeks out of play once the conference begins, you may rest in the notes of injury or run. O this is almost too difficult to make a college football bet online with an sec conference game! All  casino in pa these teams can beat each other to death in a given week.

This leaves us with a revised question. The question is not who the best conference in college football is the real question is, is the sec too good for its own good? Hard to say, but I think most people tend to do on this issue. And this is one of the reasons mentioned above, all these teams to stop fighting each other, leaving no more, the bcs championship game to go.

The system is clearly flawed. A team that goes from a weak conference like the big ten or big east could face the undefeated opposition down and get even more credit as a team, both the sec and the battery lost in the conference to play in. It’s almost ultra impossible at this stage result of the sec unscathed.

Season can end the four sec teams in the top ten rankings of college football. If these four teams to beat another of the four teams that will be addressed in an undefeated team from a conference to look over the arc of the bcs ranking. It’s not very fair.

If you are a fan of the sec, you can create a certain amount of disappointment comes your free online games slots  way because of it. And if you’re a fan of paris in the sec games are smart bet. Alabama is a team on the rise this year, and have serious potential to be a power. Georgia is not as good as expected, but still a great team, and florida and lsu always seems to be in the title race is in november.

But what we’ve seen is that the sec td, classification and the tradition does not matter. We saw ole miss score is a big surprise and we have seen a number of crushing alabama before the season… On the road! I think nick saban is very happy to be back golden a corn casino in the ranks of college, and I am the people of alabama are very willing to pay as much money as they want. Sec, which may be too good for its own sake, but you can not do better to do!